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Where can students get summer jobs?

By Kai’Shaun Dunn-Handy and Amari Young, Features Writers

Since school is almost out and summer is about to begin, people will start to get summer jobs.

Freshmen Kaleb Walker has planned to get a job for the summer to earn some extra cash.

“Yes, I’m planning to get a job this summer,” he said.  “I’m going to apply at multiple places.”

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Students prepare for life after graduation

By Felix Samuel, News Writer

Senior students throughout the school are preparing for their life after high school.

Graduation is a time that brings many different emotions for senior students. There is the joy of finally completing high school and also the sorrow of leaving some of the best memories behind.

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Dillon Jones has hoop dreams

Story and Photo by Amari Young, Sports Writer

Junior Dillon Jones is a 6-6, 220-pound Small Forward who played for the Keenan Boys Basketball team that is led by Coach Zachary Norris. They finished the season number one in their region with the record of 30-1; the Raiders ranked number three in the state of South Carolina and number 183 in the nation and they’re state champions.

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The real deal on why we wear hoods

By Victoria Chandler, Features Writer

Everyone knows wearing a hood inside the building is against the rule in school.  Some people are a little more relaxed about this rule. Even though it’s against the rules, we still have people with their hoods on. Are the kids just being disrespectful, or is there a real reason they wish to wear their hoods?

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Walk the walk of a physical education teacher

Story and Photo by Kyla Davis, Sports Writer

The Keenan gymasium is where P.E. teachers spend much of their time.

Some people may wonder why someone wants to be a physical education (P.E.) teacher. Ms. Allie Kehoe, physical education teacher, gave an insight on why she wanted to be in this profession.

“I personally wanted to teach children to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Kehoe said.

The criteria for this job are going to an accredited school, getting a bachelor’s degree in education, getting teaching a certificate and passing a large amount of tests.

Everyone has a second career choice, even if he or she is doing what he or she wants do.

Coach Reggie McLain, girls basketball coach and P.E. teacher, said his second career choice was entrepreneur, as in own his own agricultural business.

He chose the agriculture field because of his liking of the outside and animals.

Coach James Johnson, girls basketball coach and campus monitor, spoke on the topic

“I would not be a gym teacher; the reason…is the children are different,” Johnson said.

If you’re thinking about being a physical education teacher, here are some tips.

Ask yourself if you want to make this a career, is this really what you want to do and make sure your health is decent enough for you to help children with theirs.

Keenan’s JROTC becomes the best in the district

Story and Photos by Kai’Shaun Dunn-Handy, Features Writer

The Superintendent’s Award graces the JROTC trophy case.

Just recently Keenan’s JROTC won the Superintendent’s Award. Cadets worked hard and prepared a long time to get this award.

The last time JROTC received this award was in 2000, so it took cadets 19 years to claim this award once again.

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Girls JV team misses out on championship

By Olivia Brand, Sports Writer

The girls JV basketball team at Keenan really worked hard this year and tried its best. The team won many games and lost some games, but they still worked hard.

“The season was good; it was like we were a family,” Freshman team member Ebony Lewis said.

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Students made the most of spring break

By Felix Samuel, News Writer

Senior students throughout the school all took different approaches for what was their last high school spring break, which was from April 15 – 19.

Spring break is a time for students to take a break from all the stress of school and just have fun. Often, students go to the beach with friends and family.

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Keenan engineering students produce podcast

By Victoria Chandler, News Writer

The Keenan engineering class has started a podcast that will have many interviews with different people around the school. This program was started by the students for the students with the assistance of their teacher.

“We felt that people should know what the engineering department is doing,” Senior Temon Williams said.

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