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Students express feelings in Spoken Word

Junior Damien George reads his poem about his grandmother. File photo.

By Rodney Chavis, Features Writer

On March 17 Keenan students participated in the Spoken Word poetry slam.

The turnout was great; many people came to enjoy the poetry.

There were many participants in this event. Most of the students enjoyed reading their poetry.

Others wondered why the poetry readers wanted to participate.

“I participated in spoken word to up my self-confidence and speaking in front of an audience,” Continue reading “Students express feelings in Spoken Word”


Poetry provides happiness

By Rodriqua Briggs, Features Writer

Keenan has created a Writing Club for students who are interested in expressing themselves. Every Wednesday from 3:20 to 4:20, the students meet to practice and have fun with their rhyming and feelings in poetry. Seniors Shardai Figgures, Deja Williams and Mrs. Jessica Miller, English teacher, discussed their opinions on poetry.

“Poetry is written in lines, not sentences,” Miller said. “It reflects many forms traditional and Continue reading “Poetry provides happiness”

Keenan gets into the spirit

Story by Rickey Rhone, News Writer, and photos by Mr. Stephen Milligan, Staff Photographer

On February 23, Keenan celebrated Black History Month with a Black History Month program. February is the month where black Americans are recognized for their achievements.

“I celebrate Black History Month proudly; it shows our culture, the trials and tribulations that our culture went through and achieved,” Sophomore Arin Roberts said.

What modern African Americans fail to realize is people in the past went through a lot to get us Continue reading “Keenan gets into the spirit”

New Teacher Spotlight: Chura Bakshi enlightens students on math, Indian Culture


Story and Photo by Brenda Carson, Features Writer

Mrs. Chura Bakshi, one of Keenan’s new teachers, talks about her experiences here at Keenan and also in India. Bakshi has taught eight years here and seven in India. She was elected from an organization that promotes foreign teachers here in the U.S.

“I feel welcomed here,” Mrs. Chura Bakshi, of India, and one of Keenan’s new teachers, said.

Bakshi was selected from an organization that recruits foreign teachers to teach here in the Continue reading “New Teacher Spotlight: Chura Bakshi enlightens students on math, Indian Culture”

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