By Kai’Shaun Dunn-Handy and Amari Young, Features Writers

Since school is almost out and summer is about to begin, people will start to get summer jobs.

Freshmen Kaleb Walker has planned to get a job for the summer to earn some extra cash.

“Yes, I’m planning to get a job this summer,” he said.  “I’m going to apply at multiple places.”

There are a lot of places people want to work, like restaurants, stores and cafés.

Sophomore Demetria Smith is trying to do something that’s different from everyone else.

“I’m going to do babysitting this summer,” she said.

When the summer ends and school comes back in, some people might quit their jobs to focus on their school work.

Sophomore, Anaiya Yankey has different plans for when school starts back.

“I’m going to be continuing working at my job after the summer,” she said.

This is one thing that’s guaranteed—what people going to be doing during their summers.