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Science and Technology

Preserving the Planet with the “Planeteers”

By Nahla Muldrow, News Writer

Did you know that we have a recycling club? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. As a part of a district-wide recycling project, Keenan has created an environmentalist club
called The Planeteers.

The project is to see which school in the district can collect the most recycling. Led by Mrs. Sahara White, Science teacher, the AP Environmental science students have made it their Continue reading “Preserving the Planet with the “Planeteers””


Teachers Receive STEAM Grant

Story and Photo by Jada Cochran, News Writer

The Colonial Life Strong Schools grant is awarded to teachers in Richland Country School District One. Colonial Life has awarded over $75,000 since the start in the 2013-2014 school year. The grant provides teachers with the opportunity to receive financial support to enhance the learning experience in the classroom.

Two of Keenan’s teachers applied and received the grant: Mrs. Kirstin Bullington, physical Continue reading “Teachers Receive STEAM Grant”

Bullington wins Solve for Tomorrow (Samsung)

Engineering students and Robotics Team members come together to make a new app to help people better their health. Photo by Jada Bouknight, Special to the Sword and Shield.

By Breayanna Gibson, News Writer

Mrs. Kirstin Bullington, Science and Engineering teacher, has won the Solve for Tomorrow (Samsung) contest. She was announced the winner December 9, 2015.

How does Bullington feel that she has won the Solve for Tomorrow?

“It’s a great honor,” Bullington said. “Engineering and science students are working hard. It’s great that a company recognized us.” Continue reading “Bullington wins Solve for Tomorrow (Samsung)”

Keenan publication staff promotes core values

By Kynda Beckett, Deborah Bishop, Shaunté Davis, and Sir’Narria Scott, Contributing Reporters

The Keenan publication staff has been working on promoting the school’s core values in their newspaper for the 2015-2016school year. The mission statement of Keenan is used to inspire students through the use of a rigorous curriculum, cutting-edge technology, strong partnerships, a diverse community, and turning its students into first-class students that contribute to present and future occurrences. Continue reading “Keenan publication staff promotes core values”

Keenan hosts College Application Day for seniors

Seniors observe their college choices using their DLE laptops. Photo by Kennedy Lowery, Special to The Sword and Shield.

By Marquavius Henry-Jeter, News Writer

On November 4, Keenan hosted a College Application Day in the commons area for seniors who are heading to college when they graduate. Plenty of college admission officers from different universities came to visit the Keenan students to prepare them for the future goals they want to accomplish in college and in life.

“I think families are more concerned about their children with the right college and university; Continue reading “Keenan hosts College Application Day for seniors”

Keenan argues the issue of the cell phone policy

By DeNia Epps, Editorial Writer

Students at Keenan are trying to reinforce the use of cell phones during Silent Sustained Reading (SSR).

The books students are able to read are limited, and by using the phones the selection could be expanded.

A few teachers agree. Continue reading “Keenan argues the issue of the cell phone policy”

Freshman start new Digital Learning Environment

Students in Algebra I use laptops as part of their lesson. Photo by Skylar Dooley, Staff Photographer.
Students in Algebra I use laptops as part of their lesson. Photo by Skylar Dooley, Staff Photographer.

By DeNia Epps, News Writer

As freshman come in a new way of learning is also on the rise. Richland County School District One has issued the entire class of 2018 new laptops.

Since the laptops have been distributed, there have been some positive and negative affects not only on the freshman class but Keenan as a whole.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for freshman to have their own laptops because it will aid in Continue reading “Freshman start new Digital Learning Environment”

Keenan students bring in first place

By Cora Webb, News Editor

On April 22, the awards ceremony for the Richland One Visual Literacy Festival Book Production Contest was held in the Columbia Children’s Center, which is located in Richland Mall.

The Visual Literacy Festival is generally a collection of individual contests designed to acknowledge the work done by the students and faculty members of Richland One.

During the school year, students and faculty members of Richland One worked on their entries Continue reading “Keenan students bring in first place”


From a Press Release

The National Association of Biology Teachers, in conjunction with Carolina Biological Supply Company, Leica Microsystems and the South Carolina Association of Biology Teachers, is pleased to present Mrs. Kirstin Bullington with the 2013 Outstanding Biology Teacher Award. This honor, given annually since 1961, identifies a teacher from each of the United States, its possessions, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and Canada who has made valuable Continue reading “BULLINGTON NAMED 2013 SOUTH CAROLINA OUTSTANDING BIOLOGY TEACHER”

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