By Olivia Brand, Sports Writer

The girls JV basketball team at Keenan really worked hard this year and tried its best. The team won many games and lost some games, but they still worked hard.

“The season was good; it was like we were a family,” Freshman team member Ebony Lewis said.

They had a lot of problems and reasons they didn’t go to the championship.

“They all wanted to get noticed by recruiters, and they were kind of doing their own thing instead of working as a unit to win the game,” Lewis said.

People want to know if the same team members are going to stay on the team and if the coaches are going to stay, too.

“All will return next year, and they will be more mature,” Coach James Johnson, assistant coach, said.

The girls seemed like they had a good time, played hard and worked together.

“Oh, yea, they will definitely be on the team again next year,” Freshman Amiaya Etheridge said.

The Junior Varsity girls won five games.

“They need to be more mature and have more scoring,” Johnson said.