Story and Photos by Kai’Shaun Dunn-Handy, Features Writer

The Superintendent’s Award graces the JROTC trophy case.

Just recently Keenan’s JROTC won the Superintendent’s Award. Cadets worked hard and prepared a long time to get this award.

The last time JROTC received this award was in 2000, so it took cadets 19 years to claim this award once again.

Chief Ella Byrd is the one who planned the event for this award.

“I start planning right after winter break, and the date for the ceremony was March 20,” Byrd said.

Master Sergeant John Roberts explained what this trophy represents for Keenan and the JROTC.

“The Superintendent[‘s] trophy shows that we have the top score out of the other school’s JROTCs,” Roberts said.

Keenan’s JROTC has a lot of cadets; one of them is Junior Shawn Middleton, a First Lieutenant.

He shares what exactly this trophy represents to him and JROTC.

“The trophy represents a good memory, hard work, and teamwork and what we did to win this award this year and 19 years ago,” Middleton said.

Keenan’s JROTC has brought home the gold once again.

Keenan’s current JROTC members won the Superintendent’s Award this spring.