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Love of track encourages Tyler in his life

By Kendric Gathers, Sports Writer

Senior Patrick Tyler is a well-known leader on and off the field; this young track star is very humble and hungry to take his God-given talents to the next level on an athletic scholarship. Tyler has played a big role in Keenan’s track and field program. He is athletic and runs many races such as the 400m, 400m hurdles, and 200m. Tyler is a positive person and encouraging to those who are less fortunate. Continue reading “Love of track encourages Tyler in his life”

Smith on the road to great things in life

By Kendric Gathers, Sports Writer

Junior Charles smith is a good person on and off of the court and always is looking forward to getting better at what he does. He is a rising Senior and has a few colleges looking for big things out of him his Senior year. He is currently putting in work in the off season to be properly prepared for this upcoming season.

“I am looking forward to a huge breakout season this upcoming season,” Smith said. “I won’t let Continue reading “Smith on the road to great things in life”

Quarterback Titus Hopkins reaches milestones

By Diamond Covington, Sports Writer

Senior Titus Hopkins is on spotlight because of his outstanding performance on the football field. Hopkins has been playing football since the age of 13, when he played at Trenholm Park, and he started playing at Keenan in 2009 at the age of 15. Hopkins was on the Junior Varsity team his first two years, where he didn’t receive any play time. It wasn’t until his last two years that he became a starter and quarterback. Continue reading “Quarterback Titus Hopkins reaches milestones”

Adams strikes for the top

By Morgan Pough, Sports Writer

Sophomore Grant Adams is one of Keenan’s baseball players who strives to be at the top. He’s played baseball since he was five years old. Adams throws and bats right-handed.

His batting average is 0.750 in his 16 games played this year. He has three doubles, six hits and four runs.

“Adams is a good team player and has great batting skills,” Senior William Campbell said. Continue reading “Adams strikes for the top”

Upcoming senior football players must rise to occasion

By D’Vaungh Kelley, Sports Editor

The upcoming senior football players have had a rollercoaster ride of a high school football career. Their freshmen year, they had a 1-9 record, and this led to many questions, but their freshmen year did show promise by having seven of them start the homecoming game against Gilbert High school. Those players are Juniors Peter Easaw, D’Vaungh Kelley, Sanquan Harrell, Eric Griffin, James Wilson and Marcus Stroman. Continue reading “Upcoming senior football players must rise to occasion”

Senior Keira Robinson hoops for success

By Diamond Covington, Sports Writer

Senior Keira Robinson is on spotlight because of her outstanding performance on the basketball court.  Robinson has been playing basketball since the age of seven.  Robinson knew basketball was her passion because she loved it and could look forward to it after school.

“Keira is an exceptional player, and I really value her talents,” Varsity Basketball Coach Reggie McClain said. Continue reading “Senior Keira Robinson hoops for success”

Hopkins advances in skills

By Morgan Pough, Sports Writer

Senior Eric Hopkins, a star player on Keenan’s boys’ basketball team, has grown to be an excellent player of the game, a good captain of his team and has a high scoring range averaging 9.5 points per game.

Hopkins is a dedicated player on his team and enjoys playing the game of basketball. He has performed exceedingly throughout all of his games, leading the Raiders to have a record of 22-5. Continue reading “Hopkins advances in skills”

Player Profile: Peter Easaw runs for the Raider Nation

By Richard Lawhorn, Sports Writer

Who is Junior Peter Easaw? Many people ask this question; they ask this question with much anticipation and high expectations. Easaw always seems to reach expectations and goals; he doesn’t fall short. He is the definition of an athlete.

When Sophomore Rodrick Jones hears Easaw’s name, the first word that comes to his mind is “fast.” On the football field and on the track, a good description of Easaw is most definitely fast. Continue reading “Player Profile: Peter Easaw runs for the Raider Nation”

McDonald’s does more than feed Keira Robinson

By Kendric Gathers, Sports Writer

Senior Keira Robinson is growing up fast and has done the Raiders girls basketball program great justice, Sophomore Demyra Rudder said.  Rudder is a Sophomore player on this year’s team and is close friends with Robinson.

“I have watched Keira’s game grow more and more each day since I’ve known her,” Rudder said.

Robinson’s future is getting even brighter with the accolades she’s receiving such as being Continue reading “McDonald’s does more than feed Keira Robinson”

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