By Victoria Chandler, Features Writer

Everyone knows wearing a hood inside the building is against the rule in school.  Some people are a little more relaxed about this rule. Even though it’s against the rules, we still have people with their hoods on. Are the kids just being disrespectful, or is there a real reason they wish to wear their hoods?

Some people think the hoods make them feel secure.

According to, “…on a more extreme scale, students with anxiety disorders or other mental health problems may find it necessary to wear a hood in order to focus or be productive.”  

 Another reason kids may want to wear hoods on their heads is because of their hair. If their hair is messed up or their cut isn’t looking good, they may want to wear hoods to cover it.

“One [reason is] because of bad haircuts…,” Senior Antwoine Benjamin said.

Students may also be wearing their hoods as a sign of not wanting to be bothered.

“…I feel like I’m less likely to be brother[ed when I wear my hood],” Senior Temon Williams said.

Hoods can also be somewhat dangerous. Police may be offended by hoods if they are trying to identify someone.

“I see it as a possible way to hide the person’s identity, so I ask them to take it off so that I know who I’m dealing with,” Lieutenant Verlon Rhodes, school resource officer, said.

Hoods have many different purposes. They can help make students feel secure and help with anxiety. They can let people know you don’t wish to be bothered, and they can also help you beat the cold. All in all, hoods are just useful.