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Athletes take steps to their future

By Logan McDaniel, News Writer

Players are being recruited for different sports at all times. Some players focus on behavior, thinking that’s what recruiters look at.

“I believe this because coaches rather see players working together with good behaviors,” Freshman Dillon Jones, varsity basketball player, said.

Many wonder if participating on a bad team will affect their chances of being recruited. Continue reading “Athletes take steps to their future”


KHS track team runs after goals

By Rodney Chavis, News Writer

Keenan’s track team will soar to new heights when it has its first track meet on March 2.

Before the meet the team prepares strongly. Team members also have a firm mindset on what they want to accomplish this season.

“I believe that together as a team we will make it far,” Junior Courtney Sims said.

With his head held high, with much confidence and his expectations high in the sky, Coach Continue reading “KHS track team runs after goals”

Raiders start basketball preseason

By Logan McDaniel, Sports Writer

Keenan Raiders Basketball have been preparing in and out of the gym in the off season for the upcoming 2016-2017 season.

“Looking forward into the season to win games and to play together as a team,” Freshman Courtney Jones, varsity player, said.

Her role in the off season is to work together and help her team in the upcoming season. Continue reading “Raiders start basketball preseason”

Promise Land around the corner

By D’Montre’ Smith, Sports Writer

During the 2016-2017 season, the Keenan football team had a disappointing season, according to Mr. Harold Curnell, defense coordinator. In its travels during the season, the team came up with a 3-5 record. Also Keenan played a playoff game against Blacksburg High School but fell short to a 20-14 loss. According to the coaches, the team had flaws but had heart.

The football team had a lot of positives and negatives. According to the coaches, the team had Continue reading “Promise Land around the corner”

WACH Fox 57 televises Homecoming pep rally

Keenan’s Homecoming pep rally was even more special this year.  WACH Fox 57’s morning program, Good Day, Columbia, televised portions of the pep rally live. Because of the show’s schedule, Keenan held a morning pep rally for the first time ever. Mr. Alvin Pressley, principal, initially had reservations about getting the student body pumped up at 8:00 on a Friday morning, but he relented, and the event went on as Continue reading “WACH Fox 57 televises Homecoming pep rally”

Keenan’s athletic banquet a big success

By Ka’Mya Gibbons, News Writer

At the end of the year, student athletes have an award ceremony at the athletic banquet. They receive their awards and get recognized for working hard and participating in a sport.
“I got MVP and all region; I was very ecstatic and also grateful,” Junior Day-sha Stewart, softball pitcher, said.

Students worked very hard this seasons in all sports, but many students didn’t get an award. Continue reading “Keenan’s athletic banquet a big success”



By Roderica Sturrup, Sports Writer

Keenan is starting the tryouts for the upcoming volleyball season. Hoping for a year like the one before or better, Head Coach Anita Mobley is excited for the great potential coming in from the middle schools.

“We are looking forward to being the regional champs, state championship and bonding as a team,” Mobley said. Continue reading “Mobley: ‘LADY RAIDERS TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL’”

Raiders win State Championship

By Eva Owusu, News Writer

On March 7 the Raiders arrived at the most anticipated basketball game of the season, the final playoff game against Ridgeland/Hardeeville. The Raiders had already defeated previous teams during the playoffs, including Central, Abbeville, Chesnee, and Storm Thurmond. This was the final game standing between them and the rings they had been chasing throughout the entire season. Continue reading “Raiders win State Championship”

Lady Raiders aim to go further

By Thurman Trapp, Sports Writer

After coming up short last season the Lady Raiders look to show resistance and make a comeback for the 2015 season. After star player Junior Day-sha Stewart was injured last season, the team was short a pitcher and had to regroup.

The Lady Raiders had a record of 3-7 last season.

Coach Clarence Black has specific things in mind his team needs to do to win the state Continue reading “Lady Raiders aim to go further”

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