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A whole new world: Business world, that is

By Victoria Chandler, Features Writer

Every day, people explore new ideas and see where they can lead. Some ideas turn into hobbies or other activities, but they can also become businesses.  The world of business is changing every day, and it doesn’t always take adults to change it. There are many students with their own businesses trying to make a name for themselves in the ever-changing market place. They are changing the scene by working hard and bettering themselves.

Continue reading “A whole new world: Business world, that is”

Magnet school soon to attract new students

By Jaquaris Tobias, News Writer

Keenan’s principal, Mr. Vondre T. Whaley, voiced his opinion about the soon-to-be magnet school that Keenan will be turning into.

He spoke about the big idea of the program.

“It’s in its finalized stages; we just need to perfect the idea a little more, but we should be up and running next year,” he said. “Next year is only supposed to introduce one part of Continue reading “Magnet school soon to attract new students”

Keenan publication staff promotes core values

By Kynda Beckett, Deborah Bishop, Shaunté Davis, and Sir’Narria Scott, Contributing Reporters

The Keenan publication staff has been working on promoting the school’s core values in their newspaper for the 2015-2016school year. The mission statement of Keenan is used to inspire students through the use of a rigorous curriculum, cutting-edge technology, strong partnerships, a diverse community, and turning its students into first-class students that contribute to present and future occurrences. Continue reading “Keenan publication staff promotes core values”

FFA Winter Awards ends successfully

By Ivi Mitchell, News Writer

In the Lecture Hall on December 3, 2013, Keenan’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter had an awards ceremony. The FFA is a worldwide organization that helps young students with leadership and communication skills.

This ceremony has a program that it follows every time the members meet.

“We have opening ceremony, an inspiring message from a speaker, awards given and then we Continue reading “FFA Winter Awards ends successfully”

Flash mob springs up at Keenan

By Khadijah Lesane, Features Writer

Mrs. Charnice Ray’s Sports and Entertainment Market class participated in the “Move Your Body” Flash Mob Dance on March 15.  Ray is a business education teacher.  Her classes worked hard to put together the dance routine to singer Beyoncé’s song “Move Your Body”.

“I felt that the Flash Mob was a success, even though everyone who practiced didn’t participate. It was something different…Keenan wasn’t used to,” Senior Giovanni Johnson said. Continue reading “Flash mob springs up at Keenan”

Keenan works toward good health

By Za’Diamond Landon, News Writer

Mr. Robert Woolford, Special Education Teacher, and Mrs. Charnice Ray, Business Education Teacher, received a grant from Benedict College from the Columbia Links Program. Woolford’s portion of the grant will be used to promote healthy eating among teachers, giving them healthier food choices instead of the fat- and calorie-loaded lunches that are sometimes offered by the school. The grant was for $333.00. Woolford plans on producing lunches for the Continue reading “Keenan works toward good health”

Sports and Entertainment Marketing class gets endorsements

By Danaya Kennedy, News writer

The purpose of Mrs. Charnice Ray’s Sports and Entertainment Marketing assignment was to improve the students’ speaking skills so the students will get comfortable speaking in front of a big crowd.

“This assignment was fun, and it taught us valuable information for being a spokesperson,” Senior Deon Green said. Continue reading “Sports and Entertainment Marketing class gets endorsements”

CATE courses do make an impact!

By Mrs. Carolyn Franklin and Mrs. Charnice Ray, Special to the Sword and Shield

Now more than ever, career and technology education courses are needed in secondary education!  Students who participate in career and technology education courses receive numerous benefits. These students are able to help ensure the strength of [the] country’s workforce and provide competitiveness globally. Today’s CATE courses are not the ones your parents or grandparents took; these courses offer more variety in the areas of business, Continue reading “CATE courses do make an impact!”

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