By Felix Samuel, News Writer

Senior students throughout the school all took different approaches for what was their last high school spring break, which was from April 15 – 19.

Spring break is a time for students to take a break from all the stress of school and just have fun. Often, students go to the beach with friends and family.

That’s exactly what Senior Jan Nieto did.

“This spring break I took a trip to Myrtle Beach with three of my friends,” Nieto said. “It was a very fun trip.”

Senior DaShawna Black took a more family-oriented approach to spring break.

“My family took a vacation to Charleston,” Black said. “It was a good trip for us; it gave us a lot of bonding time.”

Spring break is the last bit of vacation time students get before the final push before the end of the year. For seniors, this is the beginning of the end of their high school careers.

Some students use spring break as a time to catch up on work for the second semester.

Senior Avianna Jones used spring break for just that.

“I’m used my free time on spring break to get all of my work finished for this nine weeks,” Jones said. “As a senior, when we come back from spring break, we don’t have much time left in school. Graduation will be in our face[s] before we know it.”