Story and Photo by Kyla Davis, Sports Writer

The Keenan gymasium is where P.E. teachers spend much of their time.

Some people may wonder why someone wants to be a physical education (P.E.) teacher. Ms. Allie Kehoe, physical education teacher, gave an insight on why she wanted to be in this profession.

“I personally wanted to teach children to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Kehoe said.

The criteria for this job are going to an accredited school, getting a bachelor’s degree in education, getting teaching a certificate and passing a large amount of tests.

Everyone has a second career choice, even if he or she is doing what he or she wants do.

Coach Reggie McLain, girls basketball coach and P.E. teacher, said his second career choice was entrepreneur, as in own his own agricultural business.

He chose the agriculture field because of his liking of the outside and animals.

Coach James Johnson, girls basketball coach and campus monitor, spoke on the topic

“I would not be a gym teacher; the reason…is the children are different,” Johnson said.

If you’re thinking about being a physical education teacher, here are some tips.

Ask yourself if you want to make this a career, is this really what you want to do and make sure your health is decent enough for you to help children with theirs.