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Keenan back on a 20-minute lunch schedule

By Eva Owusu, News Writer

Students at Keenan were outraged by the shortened lunch schedule put in place by administration. Students only had about a 20-minute window to collect their food and eat it, in place of the usual window to do the same.

Those extra nine minutes make a difference.

“I don’t like it at all,” Senior Larry Brown said.  “I don’t have enough time to go to my locker and Continue reading “Keenan back on a 20-minute lunch schedule”

Students dislike dress code policy but must follow it

By Precious Suber, News Writer

Keenan may have plenty of rules and regulations, but the policy that is talked about the most around school is the dress code policy. Students are required to follow the dress code policy whether they like it or not.

“I feel that some parts of the dress code are a bit unreasonable.  I understand that some rules need to be enforced, but other rules just seem to be made just because it’s possible,” Junior Continue reading “Students dislike dress code policy but must follow it”

ISS creates issues between students, teachers

By TaMia Morris, Editor-in-Chief

In-School Suspension (ISS) has always been enforced throughout many schools and many districts. While this type of “punishment” may not be as extreme in elementary and middle schools, it is completely different in high schools, especially at Keenan.

Many students are reprimanded for various issues. These issues range from fighting to tardies to IDs that are not visible. While fighting will cause a student to be placed on Out-of-School Continue reading “ISS creates issues between students, teachers”

School officials weigh in on attendance policy

By Alexandria Hamilton, News Writer

Attendance is important for high school students.  Mrs. Debra Lomas, Attendance Secretary, said being an attendance person is hard. It’s very stressful because she deals not only with attendance but also with disciplinary referrals for ninth and 12th graders. Lomas said the attendance policy is fine, and the school has to go by what the district officials say.

Lomas said attendance is more stressful at the end of the school year because she has to Continue reading “School officials weigh in on attendance policy”

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