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Team strives for Championship this Track season

By Jacolby Ferguson, Sports Editor

The up and coming track season is here, and the runners are prepared to run. Runners Patrick Tyler, a Junior at Keenan, and Daequan Clark, another Junior at Keenan answered some interview questions about this year track season.

Patrick Tyler

-How do you feel about the track season this year? Continue reading “Team strives for Championship this Track season”

One player wins games, but team wins championships

By Eric Brazzle Jr., Sports Writer

The Keenan softball team is trying to win the championship this year. The only thing that is going to stop the ladies are the teams that are going to try to bet them. The softball team is depending on two girls to help make the playoffs and win the Championship. The two girls are Senior Rayshannon Maxwell and Junior Shawn Washington. Maxwell is a pitcher, and Washington is also a pitcher and an outfielder. Continue reading “One player wins games, but team wins championships”

Freshman makes Varsity Baseball Team

By Eric Brazzle, Jr., Sports Writer

On February 15, 2012, the Keenan Varsity Baseball Team is having a game. Everyone is excited for that game, but there is one person that wants to win the most, and his name is Grant Adams, and he is a Freshman.

“The reason…I play baseball is because that is my dream. It’s fun, and I like playing baseball…plus I’m good at it,” Adams said. Continue reading “Freshman makes Varsity Baseball Team”

Quinton Johnson strives for greatness

By Jacolby Ferguson, Sports Editor

Quinton Johnson, a Senior at Keenan, won the WLTX Player of the Week Award following a 28-point, 12-rebound performance against Batesburg-Leesville on Jan. 17, 2012.

How does it feel to win player of the week award?

“It feels good to win such an award; it really goes to show that hard work pays off.”

Who would you like to thank for the award? Continue reading “Quinton Johnson strives for greatness”

Raiders hurry to the finish line

By Jessica Riley, Sports Writer

Sophomore Daquan Clarke got interested in track when he found out how fast he was; he never gets tired when running, and he runs long distance. To help motivate him when he’s running are his coaches; they help motivate him by giving him tips on how to run and how to keep pace. When Clarke wins, he gets metals and trophies, and when he loses, he gets mad, but it helps him figure out how to do better the next time to win. To get himself in shape and prepare him Continue reading “Raiders hurry to the finish line”

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