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Keenan students walk the runway

By Iyona Hagler, News Writer

On Sunday January 22 Keenan held a scholarship pageant. The judges crowned a Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior, Mr. Keenan and Miss Keenan.

“I feel good and proud I can lead my class in a positive way,” Junior Alexxis Mitchell, Miss. Junior, said.

The pageant was organized into four categories for underclassmen: formal wear, business, Continue reading “Keenan students walk the runway”

Brown shows appreciation

By Shania Wilson, Features Writer

Mr. J.B. Brown, drama teacher, agreed to meet up to be the central focus of a ten-minute interview which turned into a 25-minute interview engaging in his directing and acting career. He sat and reflected on his past drama productions, while contemplating the “good ole days.”

Brown first started pondering upon when he first recognized his appreciation of drama. When he was young he realized he found himself fascinated with the production of not only dramas Continue reading “Brown shows appreciation”

Senior year comes to an end

By Kyandra Simmons, News Writer

As senior year begins to come to an end, the memories start becoming distant thoughts. College is the main thing on everyone’s mind. Going from high school to college is a huge step but one that will lead to even more amazing things. All the friends made over the past four years will soon be moving on to new adventures and experiences. Everyone will adventure off and experience things they’ve never imagined. Continue reading “Senior year comes to an end”

Bullington wins Solve for Tomorrow (Samsung)

Engineering students and Robotics Team members come together to make a new app to help people better their health. Photo by Jada Bouknight, Special to the Sword and Shield.

By Breayanna Gibson, News Writer

Mrs. Kirstin Bullington, Science and Engineering teacher, has won the Solve for Tomorrow (Samsung) contest. She was announced the winner December 9, 2015.

How does Bullington feel that she has won the Solve for Tomorrow?

“It’s a great honor,” Bullington said. “Engineering and science students are working hard. It’s great that a company recognized us.” Continue reading “Bullington wins Solve for Tomorrow (Samsung)”

Juniors take a shot at crown

By Kyandra Simmons, News Writer

The week of January 25-29 was Keenan’s Coming Home week; it was an exciting week for students.  Fun lunch activities, lots of campaigning, candy and snacks and the pep rally that the Student Council put together with the help of Mrs. Deidra Pompey, Student Council Sponsor.

The theme for the week was “The Mixtape.” Each day of the week had its own song title. Monday was “Look at my Dab,” where students showed their stylish sides by dressing to Continue reading “Juniors take a shot at crown”

Ellis goes back to Keenan

Left to right: Mr. Alvin Pressley, principal, and Ellis discuss a long day of hard work. Photo by Breayanna Gibson, Staff Photographer.
Left to right: Coach Charles Proctor, campus monitor, and Ms. Ellis wrap up a long day of work. Photo by Breayanna Gibson, Staff Photographer.

By Shaunt’e Davis and Kiara Thomas, News Writers

Ms. Lasenta Lewis-Ellis, graduate of Keenan class of ’89, revisited the Raider Cove as Principal for the Day on December 7.

Her duties included classroom observations, hallway monitoring and more.

“It felt great being a graduate of Keenan, and being able to see the progress over time just feels really amazing,” Ellis said. Continue reading “Ellis goes back to Keenan”

Contestants take stage for their try at crown

By Kyandra Simmons, News Writer

The Keenan Scholarship Pageant was held on January 10. The pageant was hosted by Mrs. Stephanie Jenkins, Junior class sponsor and dance teacher, and set up by Mrs. Archias Forbes, Chorus teacher, and many workers and students. The qualifications to participate in the pageant were a 2.0 GPA, $200 in funds raised and no infractions. The theme of this year’s pageant was the Wizard of Oz.

Continue reading “Contestants take stage for their try at crown”

New Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Tra’Neisha Mumford brightens young minds in social studies

Story and Photo by Tiski Gray, Features writer   

With more new teachers at Keenan, Mrs. Tra’neisha Mumford, a social studies teacher, is under the spotlight. Mumford has one year of background teaching high school students. She attended the University of South Carolina for undergraduate and graduate.

“I enjoy teaching; I have an intriguing passion for it, teaching the young generation,” Mumford said. Continue reading “New Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Tra’Neisha Mumford brightens young minds in social studies”

New Teacher Spotlight: Chura Bakshi enlightens students on math, Indian Culture


Story and Photo by Brenda Carson, Features Writer

Mrs. Chura Bakshi, one of Keenan’s new teachers, talks about her experiences here at Keenan and also in India. Bakshi has taught eight years here and seven in India. She was elected from an organization that promotes foreign teachers here in the U.S.

“I feel welcomed here,” Mrs. Chura Bakshi, of India, and one of Keenan’s new teachers, said.

Bakshi was selected from an organization that recruits foreign teachers to teach here in the Continue reading “New Teacher Spotlight: Chura Bakshi enlightens students on math, Indian Culture”

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