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How are inmates affecting schools and society?

By Troy Brown, Features Writer

What are inmates, and how do they affect society? What are the causes of being an inmate? What can students do to not get themselves in trouble? And how can their backgrounds determine the future possibility of being inmates?

Every year a lot of inmates are incarcerated, and this involves society by taking away their money by paying more taxes. Continue reading “How are inmates affecting schools and society?”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month helps millions

By Grant Adams, News Writer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month affects everyone in different ways, directly and indirectly. Various organizations do different things to help the millions affected with cancer. At Keenan, students and faculty put together a week to raise more awareness.

Ms. Deidra Pompey, Student Council Sponsor, is responsible for organizing the week.

“Student council members met and discussed the activities that would take place during the Continue reading “Breast Cancer Awareness Month helps millions”

Raiders fight against drug and alcohol abuse

By Skylar Dooley, News Writer

The week of October 23-31, 2014, gave a major impact of drug and alcohol abuse on students at Keenan.

Teachers hope students will keep their pledges to stay drug free.

The teachers think Red Ribbon Week put a good influence on the students.

“I feel it was a great opportunity to expose students to the importance of being drug free,” Mrs. Continue reading “Raiders fight against drug and alcohol abuse”

Active shooter drills: Effective or defective?

By Jordyn Reynolds, News Writer

On November 18 and December 12, 2014, Keenan had active shooter drills.

Every year Richland One requires each of its schools to have active shooter drills. The schools can also have one on their own.

What exactly is an active shooter drill? It’s the drill that a school practices just in case there is a shooter in the school, just like fire, earthquake and tornado drills. Continue reading “Active shooter drills: Effective or defective?”

Living the Young Life: New program kicks off at Keenan

Mr. Rick Palmer, Area Director.
Mr. Rick Palmer, Area Director.
Former Keenan student Javion Clark, Keenan alumna Courtney Wallace and Mr. Nick Gamble.
Former Keenan student Javion Clark, Keenan alumna Courtney Wallace and Mr. Nick Gamble.

Story and Photos by Brenda Carson, Features Writer

A new program kicks off every Thursday from 3:20 until 4:20 in the Lecture Hall. Young Life is a nondenominational Christian mentorship program. Young life teaches and targets high school students to do what is right by teaching them about the love of God and how important unity is.

Young Life leaders (mentors) are volunteer students from schools such as the University of South Carolina (USC) and Benedict College. Continue reading “Living the Young Life: New program kicks off at Keenan”

Child abuse growing in today’s society

By Kenyonna Killingsworth, Graphics and Design Editor  

Child abuse is not something you see every day; is not something you hear every day. There are no clear statistics, but there are surveys. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there were 900,000 abuse reports to state agencies. The survey did not examine the rate of abuse.  Child abuse is happening all over the world. It can happen at home, school or child care facilities. Often times, parents don’t even know if their children are being abused Continue reading “Child abuse growing in today’s society”

Raiders walk to support breast cancer

By Porsha Chase, News Writer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to people who were diagnosed with breast cancer and survivors of breast cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, one in eight women is diagnosed with the disease in her lifetime. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been celebrated every October for 22 years for the people who have survived the disease.

A breast cancer walk is held in which different organizations donate their time and money Continue reading “Raiders walk to support breast cancer”

Unhealthy choices at the State Fair could cause health issues

By Kenyonna Killingsworth, Graphics and Design Editor

The state fair was here and up and running. People came from all over to town just to come to the fair; some people come to eat, play and ride the rides. The fair is famous for its corndogs, candy apples and elephant ears. None of these choices is good for you. The fair only offers unhealthy choices, so why make that mistake? Because it looks and tastes good? But it is not good for people to eat; it can cause problems such as weight gain, heart burn and other health Continue reading “Unhealthy choices at the State Fair could cause health issues”

Flash mob springs up at Keenan

By Khadijah Lesane, Features Writer

Mrs. Charnice Ray’s Sports and Entertainment Market class participated in the “Move Your Body” Flash Mob Dance on March 15.  Ray is a business education teacher.  Her classes worked hard to put together the dance routine to singer Beyoncé’s song “Move Your Body”.

“I felt that the Flash Mob was a success, even though everyone who practiced didn’t participate. It was something different…Keenan wasn’t used to,” Senior Giovanni Johnson said. Continue reading “Flash mob springs up at Keenan”

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