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Health and Safety

How are inmates affecting schools and society?

By Troy Brown, Features Writer

What are inmates, and how do they affect society? What are the causes of being an inmate? What can students do to not get themselves in trouble? And how can their backgrounds determine the future possibility of being inmates?

Every year a lot of inmates are incarcerated, and this involves society by taking away their money by paying more taxes. Continue reading “How are inmates affecting schools and society?”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month helps millions

By Grant Adams, News Writer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month affects everyone in different ways, directly and indirectly. Various organizations do different things to help the millions affected with cancer. At Keenan, students and faculty put together a week to raise more awareness.

Ms. Deidra Pompey, Student Council Sponsor, is responsible for organizing the week.

“Student council members met and discussed the activities that would take place during the Continue reading “Breast Cancer Awareness Month helps millions”

Raiders fight against drug and alcohol abuse

By Skylar Dooley, News Writer

The week of October 23-31, 2014, gave a major impact of drug and alcohol abuse on students at Keenan.

Teachers hope students will keep their pledges to stay drug free.

The teachers think Red Ribbon Week put a good influence on the students.

“I feel it was a great opportunity to expose students to the importance of being drug free,” Mrs. Continue reading “Raiders fight against drug and alcohol abuse”

Active shooter drills: Effective or defective?

By Jordyn Reynolds, News Writer

On November 18 and December 12, 2014, Keenan had active shooter drills.

Every year Richland One requires each of its schools to have active shooter drills. The schools can also have one on their own.

What exactly is an active shooter drill? It’s the drill that a school practices just in case there is a shooter in the school, just like fire, earthquake and tornado drills. Continue reading “Active shooter drills: Effective or defective?”

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