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Raiders get turned up

By Shaquesha Hudson, Features Editor

October 4, 2013, was a huge night for the Raiders. It was Homecoming for the football team, who played and defeated North Central High School. Seniors Qiuyana Wright and Samuel Harmon were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. The stands were jam-packed at Bolden Stadium. But what would Homecoming be without a pep rally, led by Sophomores Brannon Goddard and Tyrieck Davis-Newton?

Continue reading “Raiders get turned up”

Raider Band goes to Nationals

By Kayla Bland, Features Writer

On November 2, the Marching Keenan Raider Rubber Band (MKRRB) attended the National High School High Stepping Marching Band Championship, in Atlanta, Georgia.

There were 18 bands in attendance. MKRRB participated in the 2A division.

“I feel like nationals this year was a very good experience this year. There were no bands that we could afford to sleep on,“ Junior Timothy Ashford, Tuba Player/Section Leader, said. Continue reading “Raider Band goes to Nationals”

Beauty surpasses: Keenan stars and glitz displayed at Scholarship Pageant

Mr. and Miss Keenan, D'Vaungh Kelley and Briana Davidson, strike the fancy of the night's audience with their winning smiles and crowns. Photo by Karina Memminger-Rogers, courtest THE KEENASCOPE.
Mr. and Miss Keenan, D’Vaungh Kelley and Briana Davidson, strike the fancy of the night’s audience with their winning smiles and crowns. Photo by Karina Memminger-Rogers, courtesy THE KEENASCOPE.

By Denasia Owens, News Writer

The scholarship pageant has come. Glamorous, smart, handsome and outgoing young men and women got to show their outer beauty and intelligence in front of a panel of judges, student body, family and friends on Sunday, January 12, 2014.

“This year’s 2013-2014 theme was Wonderland of Dreams,” Mrs. Stephanie Jenkins, Pageant Director, said.

The winners have been chosen:

Mr. Freshmen

John Richmond

Miss Sophomore

Amber Stone

Miss Junior

Shonteonna Harris

Miss Keenan

Briana Davidson

Mr. Keenan

D’Vaungh Kelley

To be different and stand out from their competition, contestants had to show their own personalities and have fun with it.

“My sportswear [was] something outside of the box,” Stone said.

It’s always good to be different when competing against others.

“The both of us grew better together over the years of competing against one another in the past scholarship pageants here at school,” Davidson said, regarding her competition in her category.

The pageant ladies and gentlemen, with the biggest title of them all up for grabs, had the spotlight of the night.

All contestants had to have a 2.0 GPA and administrative approval; be classified as a member of the class he or she is competing for; raise at least $250 in ads, patrons and other fundraising activities by Wednesday, November 20, 2013; and attend rehearsals, which started October 2, 2013 and were held every Wednesday after school up until the last week of the pageant in the Dance Room.

Winners received a crown, trophy and sash. Female winners received a bouquet of flowers. Male winners won a trophy and a sash. Female runners-up received a bouquet of flowers, a trophy and sash. Male runners-up received a trophy and a sash. Trophies were also given to Most Congenial (one male and one female contestant), Top Sales, Best Talents (seniors only), Most Poised and Audience Choice Award (this award is new to pageant). Mr. and Miss Keenan (seniors) each received $750 scholarship award.

Contestants were competing and judged on the opening number and introductions (Tropical or Island attire), casual wear, talent, sportswear, question/answer segment and formal wear. All attire had to be age appropriate and was considered in scoring enthusiasm, confidence, poise/stage presence and appearance.

Miss Junior, Shonteonna Harris, shines bright with a sparkling smile. Photo by Karina Memminger-Rogers, courtesy THE KEENASCOPE.
Miss Junior, Shonteonna Harris, shines bright with a sparkling smile. Photo by Karina Memminger-Rogers, courtesy THE KEENASCOPE.

Keenan Gospel Choir starts something new

By Ashleah Williams and Shaquita Carlos, Features Writers

The Keenan Gospel Choir is for students to open up and to show everyone their musical talents. Every student has a different feeling about the Gospel Choir. Some students feel the Gospel Choir is for inspiration or feel it is for displaying musical talent. The Gospel Choir is for any student who has musical talent, so they can face their fears, so they can be known.

“The Gospel Choir has come a long way. Everyone has put in effort, and it is a success,’’ Continue reading “Keenan Gospel Choir starts something new”

Students successfully audition for SCMEA Region Orchestra Festival

By Diamond Jones, News Writer

On November 23 three Keenan students were at the Lexington One Performing Arts Center (LOPAC) at 5:00 P.M., to perform an excerpt from an etude. Seniors Clinton Bouyer, Jocelyn Grace, and Jonathan Evans performed at the Region Orchestra Festival.

“The South Carolina Music Educators Association (SCMEA) sponsors the All-Region Orchestra festival each November. It is when students get together and prepare for an etude and an Continue reading “Students successfully audition for SCMEA Region Orchestra Festival”

Unhealthy choices at the State Fair could cause health issues

By Kenyonna Killingsworth, Graphics and Design Editor

The state fair was here and up and running. People came from all over to town just to come to the fair; some people come to eat, play and ride the rides. The fair is famous for its corndogs, candy apples and elephant ears. None of these choices is good for you. The fair only offers unhealthy choices, so why make that mistake? Because it looks and tastes good? But it is not good for people to eat; it can cause problems such as weight gain, heart burn and other health Continue reading “Unhealthy choices at the State Fair could cause health issues”

Raiders showcase their talents

By Ivi Mitchell, News Writer

On September 28, in the auditorium, Freshman Breison “Mollie” Woods, Junior Nickolus Stewart and Senior Lincoln Hawkins were the winners of the talent show.

Stewart was the first place winner.

“Singing is my talent, and I practice to be great,” Stewart said, “Everyone has a talent, and nobody is better than anyone.“ Continue reading “Raiders showcase their talents”

Fine Arts Department holds Spring Concert

By Keri McQueen, Features Editor

Recently Keenan’s Fine Arts Department showed off its skills at the Spring Concert. Performances included selections from the chorus, orchestra and band. Teachers have been working hard all semester to achieve good quality work.

Ms. Christi Lewis, Orchestra Teacher, spoke highly of the performances. The orchestra stuck to its theme of “Are You Scared Yet?” There were many familiar selections played which put great Continue reading “Fine Arts Department holds Spring Concert”

Drama Department presents For Colored Girls

By Shacori’ya Eaves, Features Reporter

Senior Shantrice Washington, who portrayed Lady in Blue, rehearses. File photo.

For Colored Girls was put on April 19 in the auditorium. This play was directed by Mr. Stephen Ingle, Theater Teacher. The play was about the life experiences of seven black women and their perspectives on society. The purpose of Ingle’s choosing this play was when he read it, he realized the value in exposing the audience to the issues facing black women in today’s world. He also wanted to produce a play with a strong message, strong characters and strong Continue reading “Drama Department presents For Colored Girls”

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