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A legacy that still lives on

By Emani Patterson, Features Writer

On February 23, Keenan held a Black History Month program for staff and students. They learned the importance of why Black History Month is celebrated.

They also watched their fellow classmates dance, sing and act as if they were a part of the movement many years ago.

“Past motivational speakers made it to where we’re able to see and understand what they had Continue reading “A legacy that still lives on”

Keenan students walk the runway

By Iyona Hagler, News Writer

On Sunday January 22 Keenan held a scholarship pageant. The judges crowned a Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior, Mr. Keenan and Miss Keenan.

“I feel good and proud I can lead my class in a positive way,” Junior Alexxis Mitchell, Miss. Junior, said.

The pageant was organized into four categories for underclassmen: formal wear, business, Continue reading “Keenan students walk the runway”

Brown shows appreciation

By Shania Wilson, Features Writer

Mr. J.B. Brown, drama teacher, agreed to meet up to be the central focus of a ten-minute interview which turned into a 25-minute interview engaging in his directing and acting career. He sat and reflected on his past drama productions, while contemplating the “good ole days.”

Brown first started pondering upon when he first recognized his appreciation of drama. When he was young he realized he found himself fascinated with the production of not only dramas Continue reading “Brown shows appreciation”

Keenan revives morning news show

By Cedric McQueen, News Writer

Keenan is expected to air its first news show in late February for the campus. Staff in both the 2A Journalism and 2B Yearbook classes will work together to get the news program back up and running.

Mrs. Deidra Pompey, English teacher; Mrs. Jessica Cornish, Librarian; and Senior Roderica Sturrup are on a team working to bring back the news show. Continue reading “Keenan revives morning news show”

Did you say ‘This Christmas’?

By Cedric McQueen, Features Writer

Trying new things, Keenan hosted a first-time movie night at 7:00 P.M. on December 15 in the student parking lot. Individuals at Keenan wanted to bring the school together using a fun event.

Members of the Student Council and Keenan staff in charge of the event thought a movie night would be an excellent way to do that. Continue reading “Did you say ‘This Christmas’?”

Young Life organization supports Keenan students

By Justina Simons, Features Writer

Young Life is an organization that involves students from many schools in South Carolina. This organization has Young Life leaders who help kids grow closer to God and Jesus.

“Young Life is a faith-based organization where college students enter the high school world to grow relationships with and love them,” Ms. Courtney Wallace, Young Life leader, said. “We show up to games and other Continue reading “Young Life organization supports Keenan students”

Juniors take a shot at crown

By Kyandra Simmons, News Writer

The week of January 25-29 was Keenan’s Coming Home week; it was an exciting week for students.  Fun lunch activities, lots of campaigning, candy and snacks and the pep rally that the Student Council put together with the help of Mrs. Deidra Pompey, Student Council Sponsor.

The theme for the week was “The Mixtape.” Each day of the week had its own song title. Monday was “Look at my Dab,” where students showed their stylish sides by dressing to Continue reading “Juniors take a shot at crown”

Contestants take stage for their try at crown

By Kyandra Simmons, News Writer

The Keenan Scholarship Pageant was held on January 10. The pageant was hosted by Mrs. Stephanie Jenkins, Junior class sponsor and dance teacher, and set up by Mrs. Archias Forbes, Chorus teacher, and many workers and students. The qualifications to participate in the pageant were a 2.0 GPA, $200 in funds raised and no infractions. The theme of this year’s pageant was the Wizard of Oz.

Continue reading “Contestants take stage for their try at crown”

The buzz on the Double Nickels

By David Brown, Features Writer

The Jordan 10 Double Nickels were released on March 28, 2015. The shoes’ color way is White/Black–True Red; the shoes are also remastered, for the retail price of $190.

The Jordan 10s are an amazing shoe in the Jordan Collection. Personally I am a fan of the 10’s, but it’s not my favorite Air Jordan Retro.

“The shoes are a very fresh pair of sneakers, but you would want to have a nice outfit to wear Continue reading “The buzz on the Double Nickels”

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