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Stop the cyber bullying

By Kenyonna Killingsworth, Graphics Designs Editor

What is cyber bulling?  Cyber bulling is when another person hurts someone else on the internet. It’s the use of information to harm or to harass other people. Cyber bulling is not limited to children, teens or even adults. Some children think it’s funny to harm someone else.

“That cyber bullying is a sad thing someone can do to someone,” Mrs. Debbie Lomas, Attendance Secretary, said. Continue reading “Stop the cyber bullying”

Rescheduled breaks and school days: ‘The district should rethink it’

By Breonia Lee, News Editor

It’s that time of year when not only students, but teachers and staff as well are on the edge of their seats. After juggling maintaining grades and the extracurricular, activities students are ready to have a break from school. The second longest break from school, winter break, is always something to look forward to after the first semester. Just the thought of the time out of school gives us relief.

Continue reading “Rescheduled breaks and school days: ‘The district should rethink it’”

Veterans voice thoughts on students attending school on Veterans Day

By Breonia Lee, News Editor

November is the month in history to celebrate the end of fighting between the Allies and Germany in World War I, on November 11, 1918. It has become a day to honor all the veterans of the U.S. military, living or deceased. This is also the day of the Veteran’s Day parade and closing of many federal offices to honor the service of veterans.

So why are Richland One students attending school rather than honoring the service of Continue reading “Veterans voice thoughts on students attending school on Veterans Day”

Child abuse growing in today’s society

By Kenyonna Killingsworth, Graphics and Design Editor  

Child abuse is not something you see every day; is not something you hear every day. There are no clear statistics, but there are surveys. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there were 900,000 abuse reports to state agencies. The survey did not examine the rate of abuse.  Child abuse is happening all over the world. It can happen at home, school or child care facilities. Often times, parents don’t even know if their children are being abused Continue reading “Child abuse growing in today’s society”

Unhealthy choices at the State Fair could cause health issues

By Kenyonna Killingsworth, Graphics and Design Editor

The state fair was here and up and running. People came from all over to town just to come to the fair; some people come to eat, play and ride the rides. The fair is famous for its corndogs, candy apples and elephant ears. None of these choices is good for you. The fair only offers unhealthy choices, so why make that mistake? Because it looks and tastes good? But it is not good for people to eat; it can cause problems such as weight gain, heart burn and other health Continue reading “Unhealthy choices at the State Fair could cause health issues”

Policy or people: Does it matter how students present themselves at school?

By Breonia Lee, News Editor

According to Keenan’s mission statement “The mission of W. J. Keenan High School is to provide an environment conductive to learning, which will enable each student to become a productive and self-reliant citizen in a global society, through diverse and challenging academic experiences in cooperation with the family and community.”

When working towards this goal, there are different factors that can help achieve it. Simply Continue reading “Policy or people: Does it matter how students present themselves at school?”

ISS creates issues between students, teachers

By TaMia Morris, Editor-in-Chief

In-School Suspension (ISS) has always been enforced throughout many schools and many districts. While this type of “punishment” may not be as extreme in elementary and middle schools, it is completely different in high schools, especially at Keenan.

Many students are reprimanded for various issues. These issues range from fighting to tardies to IDs that are not visible. While fighting will cause a student to be placed on Out-of-School Continue reading “ISS creates issues between students, teachers”

Listening to music in school should be allowed because of its benefits

By D’Vaungh Kelley, Sports Editor

Students at Keenan feel the rules are getting a little strict and some of the things that aren’t allowed should be. An example of one of these rules is listening to music in school. Students feel it does no harm, and it would actually help them.

“Music gets me focused; it puts me in the zone, and I focus better,” Junior Brianna Powell said.

There are many students who feel music should be allowed. Many feel music does no harm to Continue reading “Listening to music in school should be allowed because of its benefits”

New Staff Member Spotlight—Ms. Deneitra Jackson: Registrar making positive changes in guidance office

By Ka’Deedra Elkins, Features Reporter

Ms. Deneitra Jackson, registrar, was born in Winnsboro, South Carolina. She attended South University and has been in the profession for many years.

Jackson worked at Fairfield Central High and Middle schools for two years each. She also worked at Fairfield Intermediate School for one year. She has a daughter, who will be turning thirteen in April. Continue reading “New Staff Member Spotlight—Ms. Deneitra Jackson: Registrar making positive changes in guidance office”

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