By Victoria Chandler, Features Writer

Every day, people explore new ideas and see where they can lead. Some ideas turn into hobbies or other activities, but they can also become businesses.  The world of business is changing every day, and it doesn’t always take adults to change it. There are many students with their own businesses trying to make a name for themselves in the ever-changing market place. They are changing the scene by working hard and bettering themselves.

One of the students with his own business is Junior Jairius Etheredge, barber.  He is a self-taught barber who started in the eighth grade. He likes owning his own business because he can control his money and enjoy his own schedule.

“Owning your own business is cool; you just have to stay consistent, and it’s cool that you are working for yourself—you’re not under anybody,” Etheredge said.

There are different ways to get started, and not all involve a solid business plan. Some people get started out of the blue, and others have been doing it for a while. Some have watched others do the craft, and some turn their talents into money.

Senior Jan Nieto, construction worker, started his own business after going with his dad to different construction jobs. Once he was able to work the projects, he branched out and started doing his own.

“My dad works with construction; I use[d] to go with him, and when I was able to work, I helped out—then I started to do jobs on my own when I met people,” Nieto said.

Senior Kynda Beckett, artist, has her own commissions business that started with being asked a favor.

“Dr. Rhodan asked me to make a drawing of her as a super hero, and it just went from there,” Beckett said.

Keenan has a way of helping the students who have their own businesses get an edge on the competition world. The school has a club called Wix to help them with the web-based part of their learning.

“The Wix club is [an] organization…Mr. Beckett is working on in connection with the University of South Carolina to show student[s] how to build web pages,” Ms. Dominique Davis, Wix club advisor, said. “Such as landing pages, commerce pages and those types of things.”

Even though the students are young they still have advice to give to anyone who wants to own their own business.

“It’s a lot of work, so don’t stop working; there are going to be a lot of tired nights, but you got to push through,” Nieto said.

Persevering is a big part of getting started and highly needed to keep a business up and running.

“Reach out to new people,” Beckett said. When starting a new business, a great way to get more clients is to meet people. Word of mouth is a great way for people to learn about you and what you do.