Story and photos by Kai’Shaun Dunn-Handy, News Writer

From February 27 to March 2, Keenan’s Robo-Raiders went to Myrtle Beach for the FIRST competition for Robotics. At this competition, there were schools from all over the state and some teams from out of state.

One of the teams there was Lower Richland High School.

“It [took] five weeks to build the robots,” Senior Josh Mider, leader of the drive team for Lower Richland, said

Keenan’s Robo-Raiders worked hard on the robot to prepare it for the FIRST Competition. The Robo-Raiders spent many weeks building their robot for this week.

Mr. Tyson Hunter, volunteer for the Robo-Raiders and previous member of the team, shared how long it took to build the robot for the competition.

“The robot was a six-week…project,” he said.

Everyone will have his or his own opinion on the competition of how hard or easy it actually was.

Sophomore Avery Roberts, part of the build team, shared his opinion of the difficulty of the FIRST competition.

“It’s a challenging competition, but it’s not that hard,” he said.

Mider also gave his opinion of the difficulty of the competition.

“The difficulty is…moderate,” Mider said.

Another thing about the competition is that it’s a good and fun experience for beginners and veterans. Students can meet people they know and don’t know.

Roberts gave his thought about the experience of the FIRST competition.

“It’s a good experience for everyone on the team,” he said.

The Robo-Raiders placed 26th out of 64 teams.