By Kyla Davis, Features Writer

Class of 2022 freshmen have been on their journey throughout high school since they started in August 2018.  There are also new teachers on the hall, including a selected few teachers and veterans teaching freshman.

Freshman Javion Robinson is a Raiders B team basketball player. You learn new aspects about yourself in high school; it might not be your first year, but it could be your last year in high school.  For Robinson is was his first year.

“When I started out at Keenan, I didn’t really know what all I could do and I as I got onto the basketball team, I figured out my physical abilities,” Robinson said.

Peer pressure can cause you to grow up not knowing how to make your own decisions.  It starts off in elementary school and gets stronger the older you get. It’s up to you to be against it. Freshman Trinity James mentioned she learned to ignore peer pressure since starting.

New freshmen mean some new teachers are coming.

Mrs. Catina Garner, mathematics teacher, who has taught repeating upper classmen, is now an Algebra 1 freshman teacher. 

Changing from teaching young adults to children seems like a big change. The question is if it’s easier teaching upperclassmen or underclassmen.

“It is very challenging because of the lack of maturity,” Garner said.

To continue to speak about maturity, there’s a point in time where some who want to go back to middle school or just be kids again. Some say they like the growing and moving up, then there are the ones that want to go back to the simple things.

Freshman Janiya Clark, former JV Cheerleader, makes it clear the past is in the past and going back to middle school is a “no go.”

The saying “you lose some, you win some” can go with any situation. For example, friends. 

You go into school with most of your middle school buddies, and as you grow and are not around each other all the time, things change, for the good and/or bad.

Freshman De’shune Williams, JV Basketball player, explains what he learned about the people around him, which was they motivate him to keep going and do his best work in the books and on the court.

Would teachers would they want to teach freshmen again and why? Mr. Reginald LaRoche, freshman English I teacher, answered in a way that stood out.

“Yes, I am familiar with the content; you get to mold the new students to become better students,” LaRoche said.