By Olivia Brand, News Writer

Due to the government shutdown the speed and safety of our food was not being regulated.

According to CNN news, “the US Food and Drug Administration resumed some food safety inspectors that had stopped since the government shutdown began on December 22. Inspect[ors] who are back on the job are doing so without any pay.”

Most people are quitting their jobs because they need to make money. These workers don’t want to work for free. They need money to supply for themselves as well as others, such as their families.

“The people making these decisions to shut the government down should lose their pay too,” Ms. Tamar Skelton, who studies nutrition, said. “It should be from the bottom to the top and not just us little guys.”

President Donald Trump is the one who shut down the government, so it’s only right if he doesn’t get paid either because he works in the government.

According to NBC News, FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said he is trying to pinpoint the most essential inspections, while making sure the employees do not have to suffer too much.

“There is no question of whether it’s…business as usual at [the] FDA,” Gottlieb said to NBC News.

The government being shut down makes our food unsafe to eat. The longer the government shutdown, the more food there will be that isn’t safe to eat.

“Buy… all organic foods, and that way; you’ll know that it’s been processed a certain way, that’s the best way to avoid diseases that may come about during the government shutdown,” Skelton said.

In order to prevent these things from happening, citizens should come together. “Put better people in position governmentwise,” Mr. Kingsley Waring, science teacher, said. “Real change begins with better people in office.