By Amari Young, Sports Writer

The Keenan Boys Basketball team is led by Coach Zachary Norris. The team is number one in the region right now with the record of 24-1; the Raiders ranked number three in the state of South Carolina and number 150 in the nation. The main focus of Keenan basketball is defense; the team thinks it is key to winning games.

The players and the coaches have something inside themselves that makes them go into every game with the win-win mind set.

Everyone knows that the players work together as a team.

Each player has his favorite NBA role model.

“Kyle Kuzma [is mine] because we have a similar play style,” Junior Dillon Jones said.

Jones is a 6-6, 220-pound Small Forward.     

“Kevin Durant [is my role model] because he’s…versatile,” Junior Raekwon Horton said.

Horton is a 6-6, 175-pound Small Forward.

“LeBron James [is my role model] because…of his great athleticism,” Senior Latrell Taylor said. 

Taylor is a 6-1, 150-pound Guard. “Michael Jordan because he enjoyed the passion and love that he displayed for the game of basketball,” Norris said.  “His competiveness that he played the game with was truly passionate. I think of Jordan as the G.O.A.T.”