Photos and story by Kai’Shaun Dunn-Handy, Features Writer 

Preparing to adopt to cat or dog is hard enough, but you also have to buy supplies for your pet like food and toys. There are a lot of things you have to consider before actually getting the pet and bringing it home.

You have think about what type of dog you’re getting and what type of activities you’re going to do with your dog.

“For dogs, the food depends on their breed and their daily activities,” Ms. Maria Ausburn, Agriculture teacher, said.

Ms. Pamela James shared what she feeds her dogs.

“My Pit Bull gets dry and wet foods and my Yorkshire gets wet food,” she said.

Sophomore Avery Roberts also spoke about what food he gives to his cat.

“I feed my cat dry food; a…majority of times, its Meow Mix,” Roberts said.

That’s why you have to consider a lot of factors when getting a pet. When you’re getting a cat, there’s not much you need to think about. You just need the right supplies and a good enough supply of it to last for a while.

“For cats, you can feed them dry and wet food, but don’t feed them too much wet food because it can mess up their teeth,” Ausburn said.

When you get your cat or dog, they don’t always lay or sleep on their beds. Sometimes they want to be with you, or they want to lay somewhere else for a change. Sometimes they like to lay on beds or couches.

Roberts shared where he lets his cat rest.

“He lays on his bed, the couch and the floor,” he said.

James stated where she lets her dogs sleep.

“My dogs lay on the bed since they’re still pups,” she said.

Ausburn also gave advice for objects that they can lay on.

“It all depends on their size…with smaller dogs, they can lay everywhere except for cotton. For cats, they can lay anywhere except for beds,” she said.

Another thing you have to worry about your pet’s exercise. Your pet’s exercise is the most important thing for them because that will keep them from being overweight and to stay in shape.

Ausburn gave a little tip for pets’ exercise.

“They should exercise daily….cats exercise by [themselves], while for dogs, you should walk them daily and/or take them to a dog park,” she said Those tips should help you decide what type of pet you want, and it should help you prepare to buy supplies for your pet.