Story and photo by Kyla Davis, Sports Writer

The Lady Raiders Volleyball Team is coached by Ms. Allie Kehoe, physical education teacher.  Sophomores Jashawna Evans (5’10 ½”) and Breona Flemming (5’2”) are players for the team. They tell their journey to being volleyball players, playing for Keenan and what it has brought.

Each player and thecoach have something inside of her that makes her want to win.

“[It] seemed like…fun; I really like the competitive aspect, and to try something different,” Kehoe said.

Having many wins and little loses, the Lady Raiders went to the tournament, bringing home the Bronze Award Winning Winner trophy.

Bronze Award Winning Winner trophy

Each player and the coach has her reasons to play volleyball—what or who made them want to play this sport. Flemming said it was the encouragement of her friends.

Life skills can come from any sport, everyday life or the workplace.  In this case it was sports.

“It was communication and working with others,” Evans said.

Kehoe gave some tips on how to get prepared for playing volleyball.