By Karlniyah Hill, News Writer

Senior students started presenting their Senior Projects at Keenan on April 30.

The class of 2018 seniors worked absolutely hard. They worked nonstop.

“The students did very well on their projects,” Mrs. Anita Stroman, English teacher, said.  “Many students’ projects were innovative as they stepped outside the box and mastered their topics or career…interest[s].”

Seniors completed their projects on time and made sure everything was in order by the due date.

“My Senior Project was easy; I completed it in three days,” Senior Kelia Hernandez-Garcia said. “I was very comfortable with the judges; that made it even easier.”

While presenting the Senior Project, students were given five minutes.

Most seniors did their Senior Projects on their future careers or businesses.

“I aced my Senior Project; I presented my project on makeup because I am very good at it, and I love making people feel good about themselves,” Senior Kianna Joseph said.

The Senior Project was worth 50% of the student’s grade; it was mandatory. If they didn’t do the project, they would fail.