By Jaquaris Tobias, News Writer

Keenan’s principal, Mr. Vondre T. Whaley, voiced his opinion about the soon-to-be magnet school that Keenan will be turning into.

He spoke about the big idea of the program.

“It’s in its finalized stages; we just need to perfect the idea a little more, but we should be up and running next year,” he said. “Next year is only supposed to introduce one part of the big idea, which is engineering.  I wanted to start all four academies.”

The four parts all together are Engineering (Enhancement), Entrepreneurship, Government, and Hospitality/Tourism. Each different section has an idea that Whaley explained. Entrepreneurship is one that is already pretty active at Keenan because of students starting little businesses outside of school.  Whaley’s vision is for students to be able to make something of their own and be able to sell it as if they had their own company.

Other future goals of the other parts of the magnet school are a Debate lab, Music studio, T-shirt press, and a Youtube incorporation for the government section.

Some staff members have ideas about how the school will change once it’s changed into a magnet school.

“The school would bring more career-minded kids instead of athletic minded,” Coach James A. Johnson, campus monitor, said. “It’s a great opportunity for kids to branch out to something new prior to college before they choose their career[s].”

Mr. Ron Webb, assistant principal, also has an opinion on the ideas.

“It would bring in more diversity sports wise,” he said. “Keenan is already ahead of any other school diversity wise because you have everyone coming from many parts of town just to come to Keenan.”

Everyone who voiced their opinions about Keenan turning into a magnet school had different outlooks, but all are looking forward to seeing the ideas turn into actions.