By Jamie Gilmore, News Writer

May 1, as College Decision Day was days away for Keenan seniors, some had made the final choice and some were still deciding. Where to find the best advice from rather than various college alumni? Your very own Keenan faculty and staff. The biggest choice when deciding a school is choosing a PWI or HBCU.

An HBCU is a Historically Black College and University which was established in 1837 to give African Americans a higher level of education. Deciding your college choice is mainly about what school offers you the best route to your career, choice but some students decide to go to an HBCU for the culture.

The first ever college in the USA was a PWI opened in 1611, The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas. A PWI is a predominately white institution, the institutions that started the enrollment in higher education.

What is your university offering you? The most important question while deciding your school is how you are paying for your education without spending the rest of your life paying for student loans.  Every college offers scholarships, whether it’s an HBCU or PWI.

“I didn’t know which school I wanted to go to. I did want to try USC, but they didn’t give me a full scholarship, so my guidance counselor told me I should apply to South Carolina State University [‘s] S.C.A.M.P program (Science, Engineering, and Math Program), and they offered me a full ride, so I did it,” Ms. Ashley Horton, science teacher, said.

Everybody wants the full college experience but can your choice between a PWI and an HBCU affect your experience? There are many different organizations for everybody to join in college, so you’re going to make friends some way.

“I joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, for service reasons; that was my first and only decision…which has helped me with my career,” Ms. Meredith Mallet, registrar, said.

Diversity is a big thing to think on while deciding on which intuition you will chose. A majority of seniors don’t like change, so if you go to a predominately black high school, and you’re accustomed to it, you might select an HBCU.

“Really consider an HBCU; I’m an HBCU person!” Mr. Harry Curnell, football coach, said. “A lot of people say they go to PWI’s because they want diversity; if you go to a PWI for diversity and end up in an African American cultural group, you should’ve [gone] to an HBCU.”

When choosing your college, there are a lot of important things to consider. Whether your education is getting funded, you are having fun, or what the college is doing for your career, the most important thing is that you enjoy the next four years of your life and leave with a degree.