By DaiDrina McCullough, News Writer

On March 19, Ms. Destoni Truesdale, Keenan graduate, started working as Keenan’s dance teacher.

“This position was offered to me,” Truesdale said. “I enjoy working with the students.”

With all the different dance teachers throughout the year, Truesdale has stayed. She actually wanted the job and proved she wanted it.

“I dance[d] for 15 years, and I have experience, and I also attended Keenan,” Truesdale said.

Having a teacher who makes an improvement in students makes the school look good.

“She is very energetic, and she is willing to teach us what need to know,” Senior Essence Perkins said. “She makes it easier for us to understand; even though the dance moves can be harder, she makes it learnable.”

Truesdale interacts with the students in class. Since she is young, she understands the troubles they go through.

“She’s cool when it comes to dancing,” Senior Quintazia Dickson said.

Truesdale graduated in 2009. She’s still in school at ECPI College of Technology, Columbia. She has a six-year-old daughter, and she is also the cheer coach.