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May 16, 2018

HBCUs take on PWIs

By Jamie Gilmore, News Writer

May 1, as College Decision Day was days away for Keenan seniors, some had made the final choice and some were still deciding. Where to find the best advice from rather than various college alumni? Your very own Keenan faculty and staff. The biggest choice when deciding a school is choosing a PWI or HBCU.

An HBCU is a Historically Black College and University which was established in 1837 to give Continue reading “HBCUs take on PWIs”

Senior projects impact students

By Karlniyah Hill, News Writer

Senior students started presenting their Senior Projects at Keenan on April 30.

The class of 2018 seniors worked absolutely hard. They worked nonstop.

“The students did very well on their projects,” Mrs. Anita Stroman, English teacher, said.  “Many students’ projects were innovative as they stepped outside the box and mastered their topics or career…interest[s].” Continue reading “Senior projects impact students”

Get to know Destoni Truesdale

By DaiDrina McCullough, News Writer

On March 19, Ms. Destoni Truesdale, Keenan graduate, started working as Keenan’s dance teacher.

“This position was offered to me,” Truesdale said. “I enjoy working with the students.”

With all the different dance teachers throughout the year, Truesdale has stayed. She actually wanted the job and proved she wanted it. Continue reading “Get to know Destoni Truesdale”

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