By Imani Osborne, News writer

Keenan practiced a series of school safety drills on various days. Administration held these drills for emergency reasons, so students know what to do in case something occurs.

The first drill was on March 26, the school shooter drill. On March 27 was the bus evacuation drill. The last drill was the fire drill, which was held on March 28.

Some people believe the drills are important; others take the drills to play with and think they are a waste of time.

“Kind of a waste of time because no one takes them serious,” Junior Jalynn Moore said.

Parents are concerned about how students view the drills.

“I think many of the students do not take the drills seriously,” Mrs. Tamara Carter-Whiting, parent, said.  “I say that because a lot of the students think that these incidents won’t happen at their school.”

Some people feel that the drills can be improved others feel that they are okay.

“I think they were okay, got done pretty quickly,” Mrs. Deidra Pompey, English teacher, said.

People outside the school feel as though the drills are helpful and are a good thing.

“Yes, think the drills are helpful because they prepare the students for what if situations,” Carter-Whiting said. “It helps to try to maintain order in the event something does happen.”