Story by Amaria Webb, Features Writer, and photo courtesy Lauren Gordon, Special to the Sword and Shield

Chief Ella Robinson-Byrd joined the Raider staff as of May 30, 2017.

Robinson-Byrd has been a JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) instructor for 13 years. She teaches a lot about the real world. She doesn’t sugar coat anything. Students say she is a true person. It’s helpful to have the female perspective on things.

“I wanted to make a difference in young people lives,” Robinson-Byrd said.

Robinson-Byrd is going to have an impact on the JROTC program.

“[I was] a personnel warrant officer,” Robinson-Byrd said. “My job was to maintain Bravo company. It was rough, but I had to focus on my goals. I didn’t let the negativity bother me. I had to ensure I made the right decisions because I had so many non-commissioned officers under me who were looking up to me.”

Cadets have reacted to Robinson-Byrd.

“I feel like chief is a big influence on my life,” Junior Taniyah Delaney said. “She keeps me on the right track, and she helps me maintain my goals.”

Her Army Instructor had something to say about her.

“We get along well because we have the same mind set,” Master Sergeant John Roberts said.

Robinson-Byrd has also had an impact on the new principal, Mr. Vondre’ T Whaley.

“She is a key player and helping our school,” he said.

Robinson-Byrd is going to change JROTC in a couple of years. She plans on involving JROTC in more events around the school.