By Karlniyah Hill, News Writer

Students should take advantage of Raider Time, credit recovery and the No Zero Campaign; this idea came from Mr. Vondre T. Whaley, principal.

“I don’t always do my work or complete assignments, but luckily we have Raider Time on Fridays; my teachers allow me to make up any work or makeup assignments, including any assignments with zeros,” Senior Kianna Joseph said.

At the beginning of the school year in each class, students signed NO ZERO CAMPAIGN Posters to show they are committed to not earning zeros.

“Opportunities are for each student to complete missing assignments; giving kids opportunities feed[s] into the NO ZERO CAMPAIGN,” Whaley said.

Many students don’t take the opportunity to do work.

“Not all of the students take advantage of Raider Time; kids like to wait until the last minute,” Mrs. Deidra Pompey, English teacher, said. “So many opportunities exist [that] they keep falling back on plan B.”

Teachers try their absolute best to prepare students for college, life and the working environment.

“I try to give them examples about real world and the work force,” Pompey said.