By Zykira Gunter, News Writer

Keenan is having its Orchestra Festival May 4 at 5:00 P.M. in the auditorium. This event will cost $5 each entry.  The point of this concert is to prepare for formations from solos up to groups of eight, and it’s to be graded on players’ playing levels. Everyone will play on his or her level, beginner or pro.

“We will perform solos and ensemble music; there will be six student solos,” Ms. Christi Lewis, orchestra teacher, said.

Players are playing Air on the G String.  There is a variety of different schools involved.

“I am excited; positive results come when they work consistently,” Lewis said.

This concert shows students’ musical abilities and how far they have gotten and how better they play. These solos within the groups will tell what music level students are at. If they have gotten better, they will be in the pro group with others who have gotten better with playing, but if they’re just beginning and don’t know where they’re at just yet, they will be a part of the beginners group.

“I am excited to work with new people from different schools,” Junior Mikayla Woodward, violinist, said.

Working with a variety of different schools will be different for students because they’re so used to playing in front of each other, so it will be nice to hear how others sound.

“I think we will do pretty well; we normally do,” Junior Lauren Gordon said.  “We just need to work harder because of [there] being more than one school were going up against.”