By Zykira Gunter, News Writer

Keenan is having its Spring Concert May 3 at 6 P.M. in the auditorium. This event will be free. There will be tributes to group solos and duets. The band is mostly focusing on chamber ensemble music. Dance is thinking about a High School Musical theme

“I’m working on pieces and places for everyone’s part,” Ms. Destoni Truesdale, dance teacher, said.

Orchestra is having a cluster concert the week before spring concert.

It’s going to be a middle school and high school combination to show the younger students what high school is like. The day after, there will be a Samba festival. Keenan will have different selections from band, chorus, dance, and orchestra. Mrs. Archias Forbes, chorus teacher, is hosting the spring concert this year. Parents, teachers, and students are all invited to this concert.

“We have so many tributes to group solos to prepare for,” Forbes said.

Mr. Garrick Rivers, band director, is mainly focusing on one type of music for the spring concert. This concert should be one of the best. Especially with dance High School Musical theme and chorus group solo duets.  Orchestra has a lot to prepare for before, during, and after the concert. With the cluster concert being a week before and the Samba festival being the day after.

“This year spring concert will be focused on individual musician chamber music,” Rivers said.