By Walter Rosario III, Sports Writer

Keenan’s 2017-2018 wrestling team kicked off the season with Senior Damien George 5-0.

“It’s going great,” Assistant Coach Pablo Rivera said about the season. “We have a bunch of new wrestlers; they are working hard to improve.”

All the athletes worked hard to accomplish their personal goals.

“Since I started wrestling, my goal is to get a ring because I would be the only one in Keenan to do it,” George said.

The coaching staff saw many improvements in their players.

“They correct their mistakes and improve daily,” Rivera said.

The wrestling team faced top local and regional competition and had some feedback on making it to the big stage in the high school level.

“Yes, most definitely I’m making it to state,” Junior Phillip Young said.

Head Coach Ken Riley and Rivera poured out their hearts and souls to keep their players motivated to grind for success every single second of their lives.

“Weight class 126, 145, 152 are my weight class[es] I can rely on the most,” Rivera said.