By Karlniyah Hill, Sports Writer

Keenan Raiders vs A.C Flora Falcons, November 28, 2017, at Keenan.

The game started at 7:30. Sophomore Raekwon Horton scored the first two points for Keenan. Keenan and Flora played good defense throughout the game.

Students and teachers were excited during the game.

Junior Latrell Taylor scored ten points.

“The game was challenging, but me and my team members played hard we came to win,” Taylor said.

Coach Zachary Norris taught his basketball players to shoot 70% from the throw line, and manufacture turnover into points and minimize their turnovers.

“This test game should enable us (staff) to judge the type of style that this year’s team will play; it will also give us a great indication of things we need to correct,” Norris said.

Both teams were getting the rebounds and playing real basketball.

“This is my last year playing basketball in high school; I’m the only senior, I’m going to help my teammates out by playing as a team,” Center Ervin Stone said.