By Faithe Stallings, News Writer                            

The race was on! Sitting in lunch, students at Keenan may notice that around this time of year their peers start to hand out promotional products, a variety of sweet and salty treats to persuade the voters to choose them for the spot, the spot of school royalty. With this position they gain respect, popularity, headlines in the school newspaper and an unforgettable memory in their lives. The campaign includes Juniors DeLexus Coleman, Lauren Garner, Jaylen Johnson, Kristian Washington and Christopher Reed. As the entire school talks about who they want to be the princess, the question strikes: What does it take to be Coming Home Royalty?

Sophomores Isha Thomas, Alston Smith and Jessenia Gilmore gathered around a desk to express their opinions.

“I’m not even into the voting stuff,” Thomas said.

There was a lot of food that made nonvoters like Thomas reconsider.

“But you have to like the free food though!” Smith said. “The food went fast.”

Many sophomores received samples from Garner this time around and felt devoted to her.

“I know I voted for Lauren,” Gilmore said as Smith nodded in agreement.

Smith forgot who she voted for, though.

Although some students had different preferences, no one fought or bickered. Even though the competition in the contest was harsh, the opinions between peers was not.

The lunch bell rang, and it was chaos. Friends of the nominees were on the move passing candy, Rice Krispies, and cupcakes out to persuade voters to select their friends. Some peers were yelling at the top of their lungs with smiles on their faces and posters in hand. Competition was aggressive, and it would seem best for students to vote for who they liked and move on. The whole school is excited for this glorifying event, but will they be voting to make a difference, and do they have preferences in who they want to win? Does a month-long campaign have to prove they are the best, or does it just make them feel good?

The prep rally of Coming Home determined everything. The votes were in, and even though there were dancers, athletes and cheering in the rally, the nominees for princess easily stole the show. Dressed to perfection and accompanied with escorts, they strutted to show that they have the potential to be royalty. The crowd went crazy, supporting the females and only male they voted for, and as the display went to a close, it ended with returning talent, Senior A’dante Brooks, aka Don Honcho, who showed off his rap skills. Those who knew him danced and represented, happy to support a friend, while the others bobbed to the beat. Coming Home can be known this year as a celebration and can always be looked at earlier in a memory as “lit.” Keenan does know how to party.