By Zykira Gunter, News Writer

Keenan had its Coming Home basketball game January 26 at Keenan against Gray Collegiate Academy.

Keenan had four girls running for Coming Home Princess and one boy running for Prince.

‘’All games are tough and competitive at this time of the year because they’re preparing for the playoffs and their region games,’’ Coach Zachery Norris, head basketball coach, said.

Norris is not nervous at all; they’re working out now to be on top of their game at the end of the year.

For Coming Home, Keenan went against Gray and lost 60-45. The 2018 Coming Home Prince was Junior Christopher Reed, and the 2018 Coming Home Princess was Junior Kristian Washington.

“A real queen doesn’t get mad when she loses her crown,” Junior Lauren Garner, second runner up contestant, said.

To campaign, people made shirts and posters, and bought candy and cupcakes.

“The first thing I’m going to do is talk to [the] freshman class and let them know I’m running for Coming Home Prince,” Reed said.