By Jada Ramsey, Sports Writer

The Lady Raider Softball team’s upcoming season will start in February. The ladies have already begun workouts. They practice for at least three hours every Tuesday and Thursday. The Raiders work on batting, base running, calling out plays and other activities to get ready for the 17-18 season.

“I feel the season will be a good one,” Sophomore Amiya Webb said.

Other new and returning players feel as if they will have a good season because they have skills and positive mindsets.

“I feel like it’s better attitudes, and we will have a great season,” Senior Sumieko Howard said.

Coach Reggie LaRoche has already identified the strengths and weakness of the team. The strengths are working together and having great school spirit. The weakness is attitudes.

“I plan to help grow with the young women and build a family,” LaRoche said.