By Emani Patterson, News Writer

On May 9, 11, 15, and 16, Keenan began end-of-course (EOC) testing. The EOC is an end-of-course exam that ninth through 11th grade students take each year.

The EOC will determine what students have learned from the beginning of the school year up until now.

“My classes are reviewing every standard and taking practice tests,” Mrs. Rona Stuart, U.S. History teacher, said.

There was an end-of-course exam given for Algebra I, U.S. History, Biology I, and English I classes. The majority of students who took the EOC are freshman.

It is important that students develop study habits in order to be successful on the EOC exam.

“The more my students study, the more they feel ready for their exam,” Mr. Reggie LaRoche, English teacher, said.

According to the article “How to Improve and Better Grades” from, “Another important aspect of how to get better grades in school is creating good study habits.”

“It’s always good to study what you don’t know,” Freshmen Alston Austin-Smith said.

EOC testing will be the last thing students test on before school is out for summer break.