By Cedric McQueen, News Writer

Keenan held a cookout celebration for students who made third quarter honor roll, 11th graders who participated in the WorkKeys and ACT testing, and students who were Caught Being Blue. The celebration was held during fourth block on April 7.

Mrs. Latayna Williams, Assistant Principal, along with Mrs. Deidra Pompey, English Teacher, and Mrs. Saran Hasinger, Guidance Counselor, had a hand in preparations for the celebration.

Williams’ favorite part of the celebration was the participation of the students.

Williams, along with Pompey and Hasinger, discussed field day events from their past that they participated in as students and incorporated them into the cookout.

“The celebration was big success,” Williams said.

To encourage even more participation, Hasinger thought more games like relay races could’ve been added.

Even though Hasinger thought there could have been improvements, she was glad the kids enjoyed themselves.

“I hope more students will be able to participate at a later date,” Hasinger said.

Along with food and games, other accessories helped the celebration.

Pompey was glad that they had a DJ as well as “MC Webb” on the mic.

“The third quarter honor roll and new year testing and Caught Being Blue celebration was fun and equally exciting as the fact that it means summer break is around the corner,” Pompey said.