By D’Montre’ Smith, Sports Writer

As the Lady Raider softball team seeks perfection during the 2016-2017 season, players will need to win region games.

According to the talent now, do all the coaches think this will be a productive season?

“I think any season is productive if the athletes work hard and listen and give effort,” Coach Reginald LaRoche said.

After the first loss of the season to Gray Collegiate 20-0 on March 7, the captains had to have a meeting.

“The vets will teach, and the freshman will learn,” Senior Felicity Johnson, first baseman, said.

Photo courtesy Keila Hernandez-Garcia.

The team as a whole had some expectations. If they practice hard, they will play hard. Everything will come in place once the team gets on one accord. If they give their full effort, the Lady Raiders will be victorious.

The team had a lot of victories that helped them forget about that loss. The two major victories were against C.A Johnson 24-6 and Eau Claire 20-4.

The softball team had a lot of positives and negatives. According to the coaches, the team had a positive work ethic but leadership capability will take place.

As one of the former softball coaches looks on during the game and during the season, he saw the growth of the current seniors when they were young players.

“I really enjoyed coaching the seniors on the team this year,” former coach Clarence Black said.

“The team bonds in many ways such as having pitching contests, catching the ball with no drops and forming a team to compete against each other,” LaRoche said.