Junior Damien George reads his poem about his grandmother. File photo.

By Rodney Chavis, Features Writer

On March 17 Keenan students participated in the Spoken Word poetry slam.

The turnout was great; many people came to enjoy the poetry.

There were many participants in this event. Most of the students enjoyed reading their poetry.

Others wondered why the poetry readers wanted to participate.

“I participated in spoken word to up my self-confidence and speaking in front of an audience,” Junior Tanita Taylor said.

A lot of people will not be inspired by some of the students’ poetry. Some people just like the way poetry sounds.

“My poetry does not inspire others,” Junior Keirra Canzater said.

Teachers feel different ways about students and poetry.

“My favorite poetry is what my students write because it inspires me and also it impresses me,” Mrs. Jessica Miller, English Teacher, said.

KHS students enjoying the spoken word. File photo.