The Keenan kitchen staff works hard to prepare food for students.

Story and Photo by A’Laysia Hill, News Writer

Mrs. Doris Capers, cafeteria worker, works at the school Satellite Kitchen.

Satellite kitchens, located at individual schools, are where food is transported to for service to customers.

“I enjoy serving the children,” Capers said.

It takes approximately an hour and 45 minutes to prepare the food. Depending on the menu, it would probably take less time. Certain foods are cooked at the base kitchen at Eau Claire High School.

Students cannot request what they want because the school has to follow guidelines. You must choose three or four items on your plate. It is based on the food pyramid.

“The school should at least let students have their opinions on what they have to eat,” Junior Jada Ramsey said.

Students must have at least a fruit or vegetable in order to continue through the line.

“I love the cafeteria food because that’s the only thing I can eat during school,” Senior Diamond Hill said.

All students have the same amount of healthy foods.