By Bobbianna Branch News Writer

On February 14, Keenan teachers, students and loved ones got the news that a Raider had passed away. Senior Brian Keith Davidson, Jr., (BJ) passed away. This tragic death took a toll on not only his family but also his peers at Keenan.

Junior Hannah Burton was one of the close friends of BJ, and she says that his death has had an positive and negative impact on her and her classmates.

“It shows me how important life is and how much more me and my friends need to take it seriously,” Burton said.

Davidson touched a lot of lives; he was a very socially confident and caring person.

Senior Dominique Evins, another one of Davidson’s peers, said he was a very outgoing person, and she will miss him joking in class and bringing her gum every day.

“I feel better about it now; it’s bringing our peers together still trying to cope with it,” Evins said.

Davidson’s friends and family have come together and helped each other handle his death.

“I didn’t really know him that well, but I think this should bring everyone together, and it should make some of our peers realize that life is short, but we should all come together and make BJ proud,” Junior Jada Ramsey said.