By Jasmine Tillman, News Writer

There comes a time when kids need help and it’s not given or recognized. Some kids go through things that some others haven’t experienced. Kids tend to act out based on how they grew up or the household they live in.

According to WLTX story “North Carolina Teen Decapitates his mother”, 18-year-old Oliver Funez from Louisburg, N.C. has been sentenced to life for killing his mother. They got into a big fight, and he slashed her head with a butcher knife from the kitchen. Yesenia Funez Beatriz was only 35. “She was a loving mother and a hard worker,” Ryan Reader said

According to the story Reader is a next door neighbor to the Funez family and had a good relationship with the family. He spoke on the crime.

“He literally walked out the house carrying his mother’s head in his hand and the knife in the other,” Reader said.

Reader said he has never experienced anything like this and was in complete shock. The whole neighborhood was shocked and in disbelief. This crime frightened many people.

Funez called the police himself after the crime and waited for them to arrive. He didn’t resist arrest and was taken into custody. His three- and two-year-old sisters were in the house during the murder. They were unharmed, but it wasn’t released if they saw the crime. The third child was at school, and the dad was at work.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Mrs. Mallet, Registrar, said. “This is unfortunate that this boy went to this extent and could’ve received helped prior to killing his mother.”

Mallet said when she heard this story she was shocked but could never do that to her mother; who is the world to her.

“It’s sad; how could a kid do that to his parents? That’s crazy,” Sophomore Asia Senhouse said.

She said she would’ve call the cops and moved out the neighborhood later after it was over. Senhouse has heard this story, and she couldn’t do this to her mom even if she was forced.

“I feel as if the boy shouldn’t have done that,” Freshman Cinnamon Mitchell said.

She said if it was her sisters and brothers she would have called the cops. Mitchell hasn’t heard the story but would like to hear more about it.

“I wouldn’t do this to my mom; I love her so much, and once your parents are gone you don’t get another.”