Story by Rickey Rhone, News Writer, and photos by Mr. Stephen Milligan, Staff Photographer

On February 23, Keenan celebrated Black History Month with a Black History Month program. February is the month where black Americans are recognized for their achievements.

“I celebrate Black History Month proudly; it shows our culture, the trials and tribulations that our culture went through and achieved,” Sophomore Arin Roberts said.

What modern African Americans fail to realize is people in the past went through a lot to get us where we are today; even if it isn’t perfect, it is better than what it was.

“When I was performing, it made me appreciate my culture more,” Senior Nandi Smith said.

The entire school attended and watched as the students performed. The performance was meant to inspire and educate African Americans about their own culture.

“It has inspired me to draw a lot of the African American rappers that passed away,” Senior Denzel Ross said.

Ross likes to draws people for his free time; some of his art work includes Biggie Smalls and other former rappers.

The dancers show the lynching that took places in America to keep African American suppressed.
The empowerment of African American women because long ago they were treated poorly.